INDUSTRIAS METALÚRGICAS GALINDO a reference company in the National and International AEROSPACE sector, with 50 years of experience, designs, manufactures, verifies and supplies tools, collaborating in the main National and International programs and assisting the world’s leading OEMs and TIERs with the assembly and set up of aircraft structures, both in carbon fiber and metal.

We have also successfully entered the SPACE and TURBINES particular world.

Our passion for the well-done work and our social and industrial responsibilities, together with an immediate resolution of the problems, bring the excellence we seek to add in our catalogue of Values.

A sustained growth and increased in recent years, investments in accordance with the technological advances, a list of recurring customers for been satisfied and a trained and motivated team, place us in an optimistic scenario for the present and future.


Our plant in Mungia (bizkaia) hosts different areas of activity, perfectly delimitated and equipped in order to fulfil the strict quality norms of the sector and with our own internal requirements.

  • Engineering
  • Storehouses
  • Loading and unloading
  • Machining area
  • Polishing and scraping area
  • Assembly and verification area

The dimensional capacities are delimitated by our machining centers in 5 axes (up to 4,000 mm) and our industrial processes are common practically in all type of materials (steel, aluminium, iron, invar, resins, titanium etc).

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